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    Shane Maxwell Estate Auction Iii Of Iii

    North Kansas City Hospital Area, Kansas City, Missouri, 64116. USA. tel: 816-781-1134
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    Started:   2nd Jan, 2017
    Ends:   19th Feb, 2017

    Circus Tent, Pin Ball Game, 2000 Mercury Voyager, Architectural Salvage & More! We saved the best for last. Hundreds of vintage jewelry lots, advertising pieces, pallet racks, antique furniture, Geiger counters, copper pail, electronics, oddities, rarities, whats-it calleds & everything you can imagine.

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Auctioneer's Notes: Location

The exact location of the pick up will be emailed to the winning bidders and will be printed on the bottom of the attached reciept.

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Auctioneer's Notes: Credit Cards

If the credit card you used to register has been lost, stolen, deactivated, etc. you will need to call our office the morning following the auction. I will need to manually enter the new credit card... read more >>

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Auctioneer's Notes: Pick Up

Several people have asked if they can pick up at the end of this auction for all three auctions. Please email for questions.

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2000 Mercury Villager OD Reads 46136

The van will be available for viewing at the pick up for the second auction which is 2/16/17 12:00-7:00pm Runs and drives, needs a new battery but is otherwise in good running condition.VIN: 4m2xv14t2ydj20746Year: 2000Make: MercuryModel: VillagerTrimLevel: EstateColor: WhiteMiles: OD Reads 46136

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Native American Headdress

We are still doing research on this item, look for an update. 2/1

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Group of Bracelets

All Silver toned. Includes bracelets with elephants, oval clear stones, colorful leaves, circles and squares with different colored stones, chain, chili peppers, and gold toned trim.

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6 Native American Style Woven Bead Jewelry

Longest is 18 inches long. Blue black and white beads with fringe on both ends 12 inches by 2 inches, One is multicolored with red blue and more is 18 inches long.This one has bracelet to match with... read more >>

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16 Plastic Bangle Bracelets

Golds, greens, yellow, and brown. Do not know if any are Bakelite.

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Wooden and Plastic Bangle Bracelets

6 wooden with a little carving, and two cream plastic.

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Vintage Pins

7 vintage pins. The smallest is a gold rope look with two real diamonds. Also includes a pink heart with stones, a gold heart with colored stones marked Trifari, a little circle with clear stones, a circle with red stones (two are loose) and two silver toned with stones missing

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Group of 9 Vintage Pins

Large butterfly with four missing stones, great flag pin, gold pineapple with green and clear stones, sword fish, silver bow, gold elephant with pink flowers, gold long pin with red and white enamel, and more.

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Large Group of Pendants

Puffy gold ornate heart, heart marked "Maggie", bowling pins, small silver puff heart, gold oval, Avon telephone, Special Olympics, silver wreath, Thunderbird, large gold and white leaf, and more

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NY Worlds Fair Men's Ring

Gold toned and adjustable size. The front looks white with NY World's Fair and symbol.

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5 Bakelite Bangle Bracelets

Hot water tested to be Bakelite. Beautiful colors, red, orange, yellow, and green, some narrow and some wide.

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5 Bakelite Bangle Bracelets

Hot water tested to be Bakelite. 5 narrow bracelets, butterscotch, orange, yellow, brown and more.

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Big Group of Cute Plastic Bracelets

Blue plaid with hinge, large brown cuff with 5 silver beads, light wood grain cuff, blue and clear and yellow and clear square bracelets and brown, golds, and greens.

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5 Bakelite Bangle Bracelets

Hot water tested to be Bakelite, Includes red, greens, butterscotch and brown.

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19 Silver and White Bracelets

All very narrow, some are silver some are silver and white. Two that are a little wider appear silver but are marked solid brass.

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Silver and Gold Toned Cuff Bracelets

Silver bracelet is carved with 1" flowers, silver cuff with flamingos (very thin), silver cuff with clasp and dragon, two rope style cuffs, three gold bracelets that are alike, and more.

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Vintage Earrings and Matching Piece of Necklace

Pale green flowers with clear stone in the center. No stones are missing. Necklace piece is 6 inches long.Some of the paint is peeling from the back, see photos for condition.

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Handsome Bakelite Horse Pin

Bakelite, measures 2 inches by 3 inches, with gold eyes, and gold trim.

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18K Gold Plated Solid Brass Miniatures

Approximately 20 miniatures including computers, clocks, cannons with wine, cup holder, mirror, bible and more. Some are NIP, marked, "Solid Brass" or "18K gold plated".The ones that are loose are not marked.

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Silver Toned Pididdly Links LTD. Jewelry

Two 1.5 inch puffy heart earrings on card, 2.5 inch open hearts, two open circles with flowers (missing one back), new wire necklace with black stones and silver balls, and more. Also includes a new in package pendent and earrings with turquoise colored stone. These are all pierced earrings.

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Pididdly Links LTD and Copper Toned Jewelry

5 pair of Pididdly Links earrings on cards, all copper toned. Includes moon and star, hearts, stars, flower with pearl, triangle design, and a snake pin 3 inches by 2 inches. Also includes a wide copper chain bracelet, large copper toned heavy ring, 3 inch tall cross, and more.

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Group of Rosaries and Crosses

Two rosaries, one red and one black. Includes a gold toned necklace with pink stones, a necklace with a wooden cross and fish, a religious pin and a very thin material gold cross.

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Milk Glass and Glass Bead Necklaces

White milk glass beads with oval stones and three little lines of clear stones marked Germany, 12 inches. White tiny beads, 14 inches. White beads with chain, 56 inches long. Glass beads, 12 inches. Another glass necklace has no hook on the end.

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Large Group of Bracelets

Silver toned black and white beads, silver toned hearts, cherubs, scotties, chains, black and white ovals, polar bears, moons, dolphins, silver and white, silver and gold, Noah's Ark marked "Yechang", and farm images.

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Large Group of Funky 80's Necklaces

White beads, cream beads, pink shell beads with round pendant, fat pink beads, pink and gray beads, and more.

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Large Group of Beads and Twisted Beads

Lots of the twisted flapper look beads including pink, shell, silver beads, green beads, and more. Please see photo on this large lot.

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Large Group of Bead Necklaces and More

Several pearl look necklaces, stone type beads, wooden beads, bright color wooden beads, and much more.

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Vintage and Newer Necklaces and Bracelets

Includes a 16" vintage necklace with round blue stones, a chain necklace with skulls and bones, a choker with a large shell piece, a necklace with a blue and black cross, a Santa necklace with string, a vintage silver bracelet and cuff with clasp, and more.

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Group of Gold Toned Necklaces

Gold chain with Asian urn pendant missing its little stopper, wide gold choker, heavy gold toned chain with cat, gold chain with Caesars Palace, lots of gold chains and more.

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Large Group of Costume Rings

All silver toned. Mostly size 7 and 8 and adjustable, blue stones, National Museum of Transport, stones, bow, green stones, plain flat fronts, pink stones and more. Approximately 25 rings.

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Large Group of Gold Toned Costume Rings

5 adjustable rings with different oval stones, same design 1 inch by 1.5, three other rings similar to the first 5 with green and gold stones, large round stones, 6 adjustable rings that are alike with small smoky stone, cameo type and much much more, approximately 45 rings.

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Men's Cuff Links and Money Clips

Gold toned money clip with emblem and G in the center, pairs of flower cuff links, gold tones rectangle, oval gray stones, dollar sign money clip, silver circle money clip, and more.

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Shriner Pin and Enamel Pendant

Shriner pendant is marked F&B, the little pendant is marked BFCL then R under. Please see photo.

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14k Vintage Knights Templar Pendant

Marked, "In hoc signo vinces" ( a Latin phrase meaning "In this sign you will conquer"), with chain. Pendant is approximately 1.5 inches tall. Layered figural decoration with enameling. Some enamel is missing from the back and there appears to be a repair at the top hinge.

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Silver Toned Locket Pendant

Opens up and looks like a book, each side is marked "20".

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Antique Blue Enamel Painted Locket

The oval locket is 1 inch tall, and has old photos of a couple inside, pink roses on the front.See photos for condition.

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Vintage Pins and Army Button

Tiny pin which is a fly with red glass eyes and clear glass wings, and push pin back, one silver toned pin with push back, has crown, ER and Police, little star pin has FOP, little push back pin with flower and beads, bow pin with Grand Assembly 1974, and more;

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Group of Plastic Rings

Size 8 ring pink and white with carved bird and has a mother of pearl look, oval ring with snail, pink beads, and 5 green assorted size rings that are green and have Bakelite look.

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Belt Buckles and Bolo Ties

Belt buckles are gold and silver toned, large, with horses, bucking bronco is marked made in USA, and horse in unmarked.Two bolo ties are skulls, Kaw Scoutorama with Indian, arrowhead tie holder.

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Vintage Necklaces

Gold toned with pink flowers and clear center stones and pink beads, glass bead necklace, rhinestone double strand 24 inches long, chain with different color rock like stones.

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Vintage Silver and Gold Toned Brooches

Large gold bow with red stone one is missing, two rhinestone pins with stones missing, curled gold toned rope, gold palm tree, leaf and more.

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Large Group of Key Chains

Gold teddy bear, Sharper Image with lots of rings, plastic flag, gold bag, house, gold toned with I am a united Methodist with cross, one with knife and file Canada with airplane, Jamaica and sea shells, and more.

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Vintage Pins and Pendants

Orange and black butterfly pin, newer cameo pin, three little gold hearts, lacy gold butterfly, and Asian fan pendant that fans out to open and close, just as cute as it wants to be.

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5 Vintage Pocket Knives

Rusty please see photo. Little knife marked Cub Hunter is not a pocket knife, large ones are 3 inches. 5 total.

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Vintage Gold Pins and Pendant

Old gold toned bar pin, little circle pin with pink stones, old gold stick pin with flowers, Thin gold pendant with tiny diamond look stones, and tiny white bead.

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Funky Heavy Men's Rings

All silver toned. One has USA and Eagle and is size 8.5. Size 12 silver with horse shoe and horse and enamel paint, some of the silver is coming off.Two adjustable size spoon rings.Adjustable carved ring is marked stainless steel Japan.

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Silver Toned Necklace and Bracelet Set

Necklace is open ovals and is 15 inches long, it is rusty/tarnished and is marked Dufoe, matching bracelet is 7 inches long.